What are the main three LED applications

What are the main three LED applications

Compared with incandescent, fluorescent and other traditional lighting, light-emitting diode (LED) as a new generation of lighting products with low power consumption, long lifespan, fast response, high color purity is widely used in the display, generally lighting, automotive lighting, electronic products backlighting, signal lighting and other lighting area. With the promotion of urbanization and promote of efficient and environmentally friendly lighting, LED industry has enjoyed a great popularity in recent years. For the global LED various application areas, general lighting and automotive lighting is the fastest growing market, promoting the rapid growth in LED market size in the future. In addition, according to data display, LED display applications market is still showing great growth potential, which is one of the most stable growth in for LED applications. General lighting and Intelligent lighting

In the general lighting field, industry bodies forecast that the output value of global LED lighting will reach $ 17.8 billion in 2014, the overall number of LED lighting products shipments will reach 1.32 billion. Philips’ market forecast: the related market of global LED lighting products will reach between 70 billion -800 billion euros by 2016, accounting for reach 45% -50% of the overall lighting market.

For China LED market, the holdings lighting products reached 8.6 billion as early as in 2010, of which the share of LED lighting products especially indoor LED lighting including LED tube light was only about 0.16%. With the increasingly decline in the price of LED tube light and other indoor and commercial LED lighting product, LED lighting market is growing rapidly. It is understood that the price of 3.5W bulb sold by the terminal retail brands has dropped to around 20 yuan, which is pretty close to the price of the ordinary energy-saving lamps. The compound annual growth rate of market value of China LED bulb and LED tube light can respectively achieve about 44% and 35% in 2013-2017, there will be over 2.5 billion LED bulb and 1 billion LED tube light sold in 2017.

Advances in technology attribute to the development of LED lighting technology from the initial simple lighting to intelligent lighting, Intelligent lighting can not only realize the intelligent control of lighting systems, but has become an access to the Internet, which derived more value-added services, such as health management, location maps, merchandise shopping guide and other advertising.

Automotive Lighting

Last year, China’s automobile production and sales are more than 20 million, which has been reelected the world’s first for five consecutive years, the huge auto market led the related auto parts industry booming, of which LED automotive lighting market grow more rapidly, the growth rate of which far exceed the average growth of related car industries. It is understood that the margin of automotive LED lighting products is currently 3-5 times more than that of the normal LED products. Data show that the average growth rate of China LED automotive lighting market was 13% in 2010, while market growth of LED automotive lights is more than 40 percent the last two years,.

Since LED automotive lights are cold light source, power consumption is only about one tenth of the traditional lamp, which can better save energy. The China Ministry of Industry plan that the automotive lighting needs to accomplish carbon dioxide emission reduction targets by the end of 2015,. Recognized as a typical representative of low carbon environmental lighting, LED automotive lighting is expected to be included in the range of upgrade of automotive lighting, which means that there is 10 billion or even one hundred billion demand for market.

Display market

in addition to general lighting and automotive lighting, One of the main application areas is the LED display. LED display with high brightness, large visual distance, modeling flexible, rich colors, etc. meet the needs of different application scenarios, and has obvious advantages, especially for large size display applications.

Since the 1990s, China’s LED display industry has been maintaining a momentum of rapid development, which has created the initial LED industry prosperity. Currently, the global LED display market is still on the rise. According to the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association earlier forecast, China LED display market size was up to 24.094 billion yuan in 2013.

Golden State Securities research report that LED display market in the future will continue to maintain a rapid growth, which is expected to remain around 15% growth rate the next 3-5 years, there is a faster growth in LED full color display, the average annual growth rate will reach about 30%. Display applications is expected to become one of the most stable areas of growth. of LED application.