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In the 1890s, Nicola Tesla invented a light without filaments or electrodes. He imagined that Edison's incandescent technology would be replaced by his Plasma Induction invention - "a light much more economical and a light capable of producing indescribable beauty and softness". Plasma Induction lighting, works on the basic principles of gas discharge and electromagnetic induction to create light.

Plasma Induction Lighting offers a supreme life span and power efficiency. They last for approximately 100,000 hours, compared to approximately 45,000 hours of a H.I.D light or 15,000 hours of a Fluorescent light. (This equates to running the Induction lighting for 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for a total of 11 years and 6 months!) Induction lighting lamps long life span is due to the lack of internal electrodes and are very highly energy efficient.

Plasma Induction lighting is a most advantageous solution to replacing Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and Fluorescent lights. Applications can include Hi-Bay, Low-Bay, Street and Parking Lights, Outdoor Security Lights as well as a large number of other uses.

Induction Lighting is also extremely cost effective in restrictive areas where the cost of maintenance and repair are high.

These induction lighting lamps are also energy/cost effective. For example, to replace a 450 w Metal Halide light with a 200 watt Plasma Induction light will provide the same light output (approx. 19,000 lumens). This is an energy savings of around 50%. Who doesn’t want to save 50% on their power bill?

·          Dramatically reduces maintenance costs due to average lamp life of 100,000 hours.

·          Reduces energy consumption and cost by UP TO 50%.

·          Performs in temperatures from –5?F to 115?F.

·          Optional color temperatures (2700K — 6000K) suitable for different needs.

·          Provides a positive and healthy work environment (no hum, buzz, or flicker).

·         Instant OFF/ON - no warm up dullness or cool down dimming. Just full brightness from flicking the switch.

·          Ideal for Factory High Bay lighting, Street Lighting, Motion Sensors and many more applications.

·          Perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint.

·          Government subsidies available with certain applications under the N.A.B.A.R.S. Scheme.